cross docking in Indianapolis, IN

Cross Docking Warehouse in Indianapolis
Merchandise Multi-temp Warehouse

Merchandise Warehouse in Indianapolis offers cross docking (cross-docking) services to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We offer cross docking from:

  • Truck to indoor rail
  • Indoor rail to truck
  • Refrigerated cross docking available
  • Value-added storage services such as packaging, Assembly, Case-picking, Sorting, Packaging, Re-packaging, Tagging, Labeling, Collating, Kitting and processing.

In logistics, cross-docking (cross docking) is a warehousing practice of transferring (or unloading) materials from an incoming tractor-trailer truck or rail car and then reloading these materials in another outbound mode of delivery such as semi-trailers or rail cars, with little or no warehousing in between. Cross docking is done to change the type of transportation being used, to sort materials intended for different destinations, or to combine material from different shipments. Crossdocking is used to decrease inventory storage by streamlining the flow between the supplier and the manufacturer.

Merchandise Warehouse's cross-docking capabilities include a cross-dock" distribution center; a large staging areas where inbound materials can be sorted, consolidated, and stored until the outbound shipment is complete and ready to ship. We can provide:

  • Hub and spoke - products delivered to our central location and sorted for delivery to a variety of destinations
  • Consolidation - a variety of smaller shipments are combined into one larger shipment for economy of transport
  • Deconsolidation - large shipments are broken down into smaller lots for ease of delivery


  • Reduces handling costs, operating costs, and the storage of inventory
  • Products get to the distributor and customer quicker
  • Cuts down on warehousing costs

indianapolis cross docking and transloading warehouse

Merchandise Warehouse of Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) offer Refrigerated truck and rail docks for Cross docking at our cross-docking Transloading facility and crossdock distribution center for supply chain management solutions in Indianapolis.

Merchandise Warehouse offers cross docking warehouse fulfillment services such as product labeling, Light Assembly, material distribution center, packaging services Pick & Pack or Pick Pack or pick-pack Picking Services, packaging, Assembly, Case-picking, Sorting, Packaging, Re-packaging, Tagging, Labeling, Collating, Kitting and processing, Repackaging, shrink wrapping or shrinkwrapping.

The Midwest facilities of this public warehouse are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis, IN (Indiana) is convenient to many major cities such as Columbus Indiana, Lafayette Indiana, Terre Haute Indiana, Bloomington Indiana, Richmond Indiana, Dayton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Louisville Kentucky. Interstate access and fast loading with Rail Service, indoor rail access, on site rail service.

Refrigerated warehousing unloading multi-temp trailers at our refrigerated truck and Indianapolis cross docking rail docks.Merchandise Warehouse offers distribution management using warehouse automation systems for web-based order entry of your warehouse inventory. Web-enabled inventory tracking and Web-enabled order entry and EDI make your online warehouse and real-time inventory tracking using RF bar code for warehouse distribution facilities in Indianapolis. Warehouse logistics and warehouse management of warehoused products creates warehouseing partnerships and Distribution Management warehousing in Indiana and storage warehousing distribution systems for supply-chain management. Our climate controlled storage for cold food storage in our Commercial Warehousing and Storage facility offers container refrigeration, Container Stripping, container stuffing, container transloading and container unstuffing with contract warehousing services.